What do I need to provide you in order to obtain a quote?

You would need to provide us either an engineering drawing and/or sample of your product (ideally both if available), material requirement, estimated product weight, estimated annual usage, and any other critical product requirements (i.e.: strength requirement, certifications, lab testing, etc).

How do you protect my products Intellectural Property?

We have signed NDAs and Confidentiality agreements with every China factory and supplier that we work with. We only share information with the factory on a strictly “need to know” basis that is critical to their manufacturing and protect the rest of your IP. In addition we perform surprise visits to the factory to make sure they are not manufacturing anything that they are not suppose to be or infringing on any of our customers IP. Most of our factories we have worked with for over 10 years so we have built a trust and relationship with them. Lastly, we always encourage our customer to apply for China patents in addition to their US patents in order to have added legal protection in China as well.

How to do you perform your shipment inspections?

We have our own team of inspectors in China that inspects your shipment at the factory prior to shipping out. We follow an industry standard called the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) to perform our inspections. Only after a shipment passes our inspection is the factory allowed to ship out.

What are your Order Lead Times?

Our normal Order Lead Times range from 60-90 Days by Boat or 30-45 days by Air. If your product requires opening a Mold, the Mold Lead Times normally range from 30-60 Days which you need to add on top of the Order Lead Time.

What are your Payment Terms?

Our payment terms are normally 30% Deposit and 70% Balance Due when your shipment is ready to depart China. As we start building a relationship with your company, we can eventually offer better payment terms.If your product requires opening any Molds, the payment terms for molds are 50% Deposit and 50% Balance Due after you receive and approve the mold made sample.

How does New Venture get compensated?

The quote we provide you includes our mark up, so essentially you are buying the product from us and not from the factory. So if anything ever goes wrong with your order we are liable and responsible to you regardless if the China factory ultimately accepts responsibilty or not.

What does your “Quality Guarantee” mean?

This means we gaurantee the quality of your shipment will match the Approved Sample that we provide you prior to production. For any defective products that don’t match the approved samples, you can return those to us and we will provide you a refund.

What are the Minimum Order Qty?

Since every product is a different price point, it is difficult to state a general MOQ so instead we typically talk about a minimum order dollar amount which is typically around $10,000. Of coures some items require less and some require more, please contact us to find out what your product will require.